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Horseman the movie

From a backward world county village comes a new thoroughbred of hero....

This superhero parody follows the mis-adventures of simple-minded stable hand Jim Stallion at Capes Farm in a village run by the most powerful and feared family; Lord Capes and his evil twin sons. Obsessed with superhero comics, Jim’s only friends are the horses he looks after. But one morning a diseased horse from a travelling circus,  bites Jim and so begins his transformation into a superhero.

The action switches to the city of Detritus where Jim attempts to muck out its villains. Where the shadow of the X factor Building rules over the city. Be in fear of property tycoon Max Strain.  Meet Reporter Alison Wonderland, the woman of Jim’s dreams whom he cannot reveal his true identity too. Watch his drunken mentor and trainer Hungarian Ex-Circus Performer Fessas, whom is hiding a secret agenda.  Follow no-nonsense Detective Stone's attempt to up-hold the law.
Horseman follows the comic book superhero route of Spiderman and Batman, the parody of Naked Gun, and the black humour of Army of Darkness. Jim as Horseman is the "Forest Gump" of superheroes! Touching upon the British humour styles of Monty Python and the new wave from Simon Pegg. It is destined to be a comedy classic in its own right.

This is the comical misadventures of Horseman!

Galloping soon…

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